Green fishing line vs clear: What are the differences? (2024)

When choosing fishing lines, color is also one of the most critical factors that affect achieving success during fishing. However, you will know how it is effective after buying and using it on water specifically.

To avoid this problem, I will show you some facts about green and clear fishing lines. When mentioning the green fishing line vs clear, I will select a few criteria for you to understand.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is an essential factor when purchasing a fishing line. When hitting reefs and rock structures, you will know how long the line will pull and hold the fish. The more abrasive your fishing line is, the harder it will be to break.

Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, clear or green fluorocarbon fishing lines are typically highly abrasion-resistant and UV and water-resistant. Monofilament lines should be ranked after fluorocarbon and before braided lines because their resistance is not too good or too bad compared to braided lines.

In conclusion, the resistance will be different depending on the type of fishing line, regardless of the color of the fishing line.


Breaking strength is essential for determining fishing line strength and is often called the pound test. Materials, manufacturing quality, and fishing line style are factors that can contribute to a fishing line’s strength.

Of course, the color difference will not affect the strength of the fishing line. Therefore, the strength of the fishing line depends significantly on the brand of the fishing line and the quality of that company’s products, not the color.


The visibility of the fishing line will be an essential factor in the fishing process. However, there will also be some reference experiments on what fishing line you should buy and in what situations you should use it, avoiding the situation where you buy a fishing line but are not satisfied with the visibility in the water.

Anglers often consider clear fishing lines the top choice because they are suitable for many water environments, with most fish species unable to see the fishing line. But if used in dirty water, be careful with clear lines.

Unlike the clear line, the green line is excellent in freshwater environments or works better in murky water situations. Green fishing lines can camouflage themselves in freshwater environments thanks to the algae in the water, which creates a green color.

In conclusion, a clear fishing line should be used in clear water environments, and a green one should be ideal for fresh or murky water.


Clear fishing lines will often be cheaper than green fishing lines on the market as they are easier to produce and have more applications. Below, I will list some products on the market to make them easier to imagine.

For clear fishing line, I will choose these two products from Berkley and Kastking with the following information:

  • Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament has a break strength of 20lb and a length of 110yd for about $6
  • KastKing World’s Premium Monofilament has a break strength of 20lb and a length of 300 yds for about $12

In general, if I wanted to choose a 20lb breaking strength fishing line in a clear color, I would have to pay between $6 and $12.

With the green fishing line out, I will compare based on the following 2 products:

  • Berkley Trilene Big Game, Green, Monofilament has a break strength of 10lb and a length of 1500yd for about $11
  • KastKing Tripolymer Advanced Monofilament Fishing Line has a break strength of ‎10LB and a length of 2638yds for about $11

In general, if I wanted to choose a 10lb breaking strength fishing line in a clear color, I would have to pay over $10.

Related questions

Does the color of the fishing line affect fishing?

This may depend on what time you are going to fish. Fishing will partly depend on visibility, as mentioned above, and also consider the time factor. If you go fishing at night, colored fishing lines will be good for you, helping you feel whether the fishing situation is better.

In addition, the fishing area is also affected by color. I will choose the green mono fishing line because my fishing activities usually involve green, brown, or black waters, both inland and inshore.

Can trout see green fishing line?

The answer is yes; trout can see the green fishing line. Trout can see the four-color red, green, blue, and ultraviolet spectrums. According to physics, light behaves differently in water than in air. Trout absorbs all red wavelengths, appearing black in clear water conditions. In contrast, at a depth of approximately 60 feet, the green color can still be seen.

What color fishing line is best?

Thanks to its camouflage ability, green fishing lines can be considered the best choice for fishing, especially in turbid water environments. However, effectiveness will be maximized if you choose fishing lines suitable for your fishing environment. To make it easier, I will give specific examples of 4 popular fishing line colors: yellow, red, blue, and gray.

Yellow fishing lines are less versatile and are only suitable for use in certain situations in freshwater, and of course, they are easier to see when fishing in turbid waters. The red color will be more complicated as it reaches deeper depths, so anglers targeting the deep ocean will choose this colored fishing line. Blue is an excellent choice for saltwater fishing because of its ability to hide in the water. Meanwhile, the gray fishing line began to fade about 10 feet underwater.

What colors should you avoid when fishing?

Light and bright color shades will often be avoided when used by anglers because they are easily visible. Bright or light-colored clothing is no exception, as fish can easily see your movements in the water. A fishing line that can blend into the water environment will be a good choice for fishing.


Generally, green or clear fishing lines will have different uses. The first difference is the ability to display in water, corresponding to different environments. In addition, price is also an issue of concern.

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