Can you use ice fishing line in the summer? Fishing line tips & guide (2024)

Ice fishing is one of the favorite activities anglers do in winter, and so am I. And the ice fishing line was essential in my fishing tackle and box. But if you have the same question as I do about whether you can use ice fishing lines in the summer, this article will have more exciting points than you think.

What is an ice fishing line?

Fishing lines designed for harsh environments like ice are often called ice fishing lines. Manufacturers will choose to cover with chemical layers such as PTFE – polytetrafluoroethylene, with the primary function of remaining flexible and manageable in freezing temperatures.

What is the difference between ice fishing line and regular line?

Line memory is one of the significant differences between ice fishing lines and regular fishing lines. While regular fishing lines can accumulate memory in usual environments, ice fishing lines have been designed with new technology, which enables limited memory increase. This allows ice fishing lines to achieve the best performance in ice environments and limits the possibility of breaking during fishing.

What is the difference between ice fishing line and regular line?

In addition, compared to the regular line, ice fishing lines are used in lower and more intense temperatures than standard fishing lines. Hence, the manufacturer chose to add a vinyl layer to increase the fishing line’s resistance.

Can you use ice fishing line in the summer?

The fact that you can use ice fishing line in the summer, though it is not as good as performing in cold weather.

You will have some difficulty catching fish because, in the summer, many ice fishing lines tend to move a bit more in the water. The overwhelming majority of anglers choose ice fishing lines that are darker in color than other fishing lines as they play a significant role in moving your line slowly, and you will easily catch fish in the ice area. However, this solution’s limitation is that spending more money to replace other fishing lines is often necessary.

Can you use ice fishing line in the summer?

The ability to create line memory will determine the success of your fishing trip. As mentioned, this is the difference between ice fishing and regular fishing lines. However, the memory-limited design will perform best if used in cold environments. Therefore, creating memory is possible when fishing in the summer. Consider choosing a fishing line with less memory since you can easily wind your fishing line and make it smoother.

However, in most cases, you can make the line work at any water level and temperature. I have seen some instances where fishermen often buy ice fishing lines after fall and use them carefully until winter to save more money.

How to reduce ice fishing line memory?

Line memory has been a concern among anglers and may affect fishing results. However, some anglers found that there are 3 ways that you can solve the problem: storing in a suitable heat, DIY approaches, and choosing a quality line.

Storing in a suitable heat

When stored at high temperatures, your fishing line will easily bend; ice fishing line is no exception. Bending the fishing line leads to more memory being stored. Therefore, you must store them in places with moderate, possibly room temperatures. You should avoid areas with high temperatures, such as under the sun, in the trunk of a car, or in a warehouse,… those places are not insulated and can get high temperatures. If stored properly, your fishing line can last longer, in addition to limiting memory problems.

DIY approaches

If the fishing line is not curled, memory will be significantly removed. The following methods you can use to make a straight fishing line: keeping the fishing line taut, drying the fishing line rolled on a board, and boiling the fishing line with water.

You can stretch the two ends of the fishing line or tie them tightly to a fixed end to do this. Drying and boiling at moderate temperatures will also help expand the fishing line. In general, a temperature that is not high is okay.

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Choosing a quality line

Choosing a quality line has been a concern among anglers because it is hard to find this item. However, highly rated or more popular brands are one of the factors that you need to consider when choosing one. These brands do not have the formula to reduce memory lines permanently. However, you can trust the quality of these brands will limit the ability to accumulate memory during use.

Wrap up

The answer is yes, but you won’t use them to their full potential. Remember, line memory is a factor you need to address when fishing in the summer, particularly with an ice fishing line, and before each fishing occasion in general.

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