Best Fishing Line For Trout. Tips For Choosing Right Fishing Line (2024)

Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line

When choosing to go salmon fishing, anglers will prepare many different tools, and a suitable fishing line is also one of the factors that anglers need to consider. Choosing the best fishing line for trout will be answered if you continue to explore the criteria stated in this article.

Types of line for trout fishing is good

Choosing the right fishing line for your fishing purposes will be essential. We first need to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fishing line: monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon. This will help us choose the right fishing line for our needs.

Monofilament fishing line

Mono fishing line or mono is a familiar choice for anglers because of its ease of use and low price. Commonly found materials will be complex nylons and are produced in a variety of colors and even colorless.


  • It’s cheaper than the braided and fluorocarbon fishing line.
  • It can easily be found at fishing stores.
  • It works well with almost all trout fishing methods.


  • Losing strength and the ability to protect against UV rays if used for a long time in the water.
  • Having a lot of memory quickly causes a stiff monofilament line.
  • It is rugged enough to withstand a high-pound test line.

Therefore, you must choose an affordable mono fishing line that limits some characteristics, such as withstanding high-pound test fishing lines like the Berkley Trilene line.

Berkley Trilene XL Fishing Line

Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line

The Berkley Trilene fishing line

Berkley Fishing Line is one of the oldest American companies, established in the late 1930s. This company’s Trilene XL Mono fishing line is designed to be anti-twisting and flexible, providing anglers with an experience of efficiently controlling their fishing line.

Material ‎Cotton-Poly-Jersey
Color ‎Clear
Brand ‎Berkley
Line Weight ‎6-lb Test
Size ‎330yd | 301m


Some of the strengths of this type of single fishing line include high manageability, good visibility, and high durability. However, because they are designed to be thin, anglers need help creating complex knots.


  • Highly manageability: Suitable for various baits and techniques because this fishing line can eliminate twists for remarkably smooth casting.
  • Good visibility: The fishing line has good invisibility in water with a straightforward design; this helps the fishing line to hide the fishing line when submerged in water.
  • High durability: The fishing line has optimal durability and can be used for heavy fishing. At the same time, when you release the fishing line, you will also be able to control it more easily.


  • The fishing line is relatively thin to tie knots because of its transparency as well as the diameter of the fishing line.

Braided fishing line

The braided fishing line is made from synthetic fibers and braided together. The advantages of smooth casting are well known for anglers familiar with braided fishing lines. However, certain aspects of braided lines are even more important when fishing for trout, as these are unique fish with a discerning feeding style.


  • No stretch and have low memory.
  • Highly durable and soft.
  • Have a high-weight test rating that allows you to catch big fish.


  • The price will be higher than the mono-fishing line
  • Being visible in the water

Suppose you are a professional angler and want to opt for braided fishing lines for your salmon fishing trip. In that case, I recommend the KastKing SuperPower or, better yet, the Sufix 832 series – versatile for any use trout size.

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

The KastKing SuperPower fishing line

With KastKing’s 4-strand high-strength and small-diameter manufacturing technology, the versatility of the KastKing SuperPower fishing line is great when fishing in saltwater and freshwater environments. This was also a prestigious brand when it won the ICAST Best of Show award, showing the trust of anglers in the company’s products.

KastKing SuperPower fishing line is widely known for its ability to reduce memory to almost zero, and this is also its most significant competitive point. In addition, this company’s fishing line has flexible knots, is sound resistant, and does not stretch easily.

The first disadvantage is that this fishing line is priced higher than other braided manufacturers. In addition, their ability to fade is also faster. And, of course, this fishing line will not be the priority choice for beginner anglers because the cost is relatively high.

Material Double-Knit-fabric
Color X4-Low-Vis Gray
Fishing Line Type Braided
Brand KastKing
Line Weight 6 pounds


  • Low memory is one of the advantages of this fishing line.
  • Muscular knot strength and flexibility in making different knots.
  • Good resistance and quiet stretch of fishing line


  • Highly-priced
  • The fishing line fades quickly

Sufix 832 Advanced Superliner Braid

Sufix 832 Advanced Superliner Braid

The Sufix 832 fishing line

As for braided lines, the Suffix 832 Advanced Superliner, which is different from the Sufix nanobraid,  is the most minor diameter and most durable fishing line on the market, based on R8 precision braiding and fiber technology.

The Sufix fishing line will be great for trout fishing if we use the floating fishing technique. Another great feature of the Sufix 832 series is its deficient memory and unlimited resistance. At the same time, the fishing line is not susceptible to stretch.

The most significant disadvantage is that they will be challenging to use as the leading fishing line, and we need a fluorocarbon line like the leader when fishing for trout. The reason is that this company’s Sufix 832 fishing line is usually smoother, rounder, and less stiff than other brands. At the same time, they will also make it difficult to tie a top shot knot or something like that.

Material Polyethylene
Color Low Vis Green
Fishing Line Type Braided
Brand Sufix
Line Weight 6


  • Great when float fishing
  • Deficient memory
  • Ultimate abrasion resistance
  • No stretch


  • Needing a fluorocarbon leader and using the line as mainline when trout fishing.
  • It’s hard to tie knots.

Fluorocarbon fishing line

Fishing lines made from fluorocarbon are made of synthetic chemicals that resist water absorption. So this makes fluoro lines such as Seaguar Tatsu ideal for trout because they require delicate casting skills and precise casting from anglers. However, professional anglers often use it as a leader when fishing for large-sized trout.


  • Excellent resistance and seems invisible in water.
  • Highly durable
  • It is not easy to break.


  • Higher price than other kinds of fishing line.

Seaguar Tatsu – 100% Fluorocarbon 

Seaguar Tatsu

The Seaguar Tatsu fishing line

Seaguar is one of the famous companies for fluorocarbon fishing lines with a unique and exclusive dual structure process when combining two types of 100% fluorocarbon resin, helping to increase the ability to connect. The best is between durability and moldability. This company’s fishing lines are often trendy and used by anglers as leaders.

The fishing line performs excellently, especially when using its strength to pull knots. With this type of fishing line from Seaguar, you will easily use it as a leader on the spinning rod. When experiencing fishing, you will gradually feel the excellent stealth ability of the fishing line, and the fishing line will provide better casting abilities than ever.

However, the only downside is that the fishing line has quite a high price, and usually, only when this company has promotional programs will anglers buy it. For anglers just starting to practice trout fishing, this will be quite undesirable if you own a fishing line made from fluorocarbon. Professional anglers can use this type of fishing line as a leader and connect it with a braided line to increase fishing efficiency.

Material Synthetic
Color Clear
Fishing Line Type Fluorocarbon
Brand Seaguar
Line Weight 4


  • Can use this fishing line as a leader on the spinning rod.
  • It is not easy to break while fishing a few 3- or 4-pound trout.
  • They are pretty solid and invisible in the water
  • Good knot strength and cast ability.


  • Highly-priced

Criteria of best fishing line for trout

There are three kinds of fishing lines with different pros and cons. Depending on the purpose of your fishing trip, some points may be suitable for you to choose the right fishing line. There are some of the factors that you should consider when fishing for trout.

  • The casting distance: How does the line work as casting with a small lure and bait?
  • The stretch and sensitivity: How does the stretch of the fishing line? Is it suitable for fishing or not?
  • The durability and abrasion resistance: How does the fishing line tolerate rocks and woody structures? How long does it last after use?
  • The handling and memory: How is the casting distance and lure action impacted by how limp and soft the fishing line is? The more stiff a line is complicated, the worse it performs. But they are a trade-off as longer fishing lines tend to resist abrasion better.

Question tips for trout line fishing goal

Answering some of the questions below will help you have a better overview of your trout fishing goals.

What type of water do you fish in?

Choosing a monofilament fishing line will be great if you fish in areas such as the stream or the river. You must combine braided fishing lines with a fluorocarbon leader for areas with stronger currents.

What breaking strain line for trout fishing?

Fishing line size is also one of the essential factors you need to consider when buying a fishing line. Based on my experience, below is a table of line sizes corresponding to fishing line types, species, and size classes. In general, if you are fishing for trout, the lines will be around a 6-pound Test, except the leader line, which will be about a 4-pound test.

What type of trout are you looking to catch

Table: The breaking strain of fishing line for trout

Brook trout are often small and light and have aggressive personalities. So, fishing lines with a 2-4pound test monofilament line will be a good choice.

For areas in rivers or lakes for bass fishing, these fish have strong fighting power in strong water currents, making them easily create knots on the fishing line. Preparing a braided fishing line with a fluorocarbon leader is a good idea to ensure the strength of the fishing line.

An eight-to-10-pound test monofilament line is a good choice for your hunt for the trout you can find in the eastern region. These are solid and ferocious fighting fish.

How do you want to use bait?

Live bait, such as worms, waxworms, leeches, and minnows, will be an excellent choice for trout fishing for hunting large fish like rainbows.

Remember, trout have excellent vision and can see the braided lines in the water. For you to be able to cast your line further, using the braided line is essential. Then, you must use a braided fishing line with fluorocarbon leader with an 8–10-pound Test for more accessible fishing.

When do you want to go fishing?

Make sure you go fishing on a clear, cloudless day. At the same time, using a blue monofilament fishing line or any fluorocarbon fishing line reflected by light will help increase the stealth rate even higher. Early spring and late fall are great fishing options because the sun is lower and shadows are longer, creating reflections that change the color of the fishing line.

Related questions

Is braided line or mono better for trout fishing?

There will not be a specific answer, but we can write down some outstanding advantages between these two fishing lines.

With braided fishing lines, they usually float effortlessly, do not stretch, have no memory, and have longer casts. Meanwhile, the mono fishing line will be cheap, not need a leader, and will have better underwater resistance.

However, if you are a beginner, you must use a mono fishing line because it will help you get used to fishing. But when you want to conquer higher goals, a braided fishing line will help you do this.

Is mono or fluoro better for trout fishing?

Typically, a fluorocarbon fishing line has less elasticity than a single fishing line and is less elastic. Therefore, fluorocarbon fishing lines are often more sensitive than mono fishing lines. At the same time, the fluorocarbon fishing line is often much denser than the mono fishing line, which helps you feel more strength after the fish takes the bait.

However, the significant disadvantage is that fluorocarbon fishing lines often cost more than mono lines. The fluorocarbon fishing line will usually not be the main fishing line like mono but will have to be used as a leader when connected to the braided fishing line.

Can trout see monofilament?

In fact, trout can see the fishing line underwater. However, this will be a good choice if you use a mono fishing line for trout hunting. More specifically, if you choose the transparent mono fishing line, a fluorocarbon fishing line will do its stealth job very well. Still, a clear-colored monofilament fishing line will improve in different conditions.

Can trout see monofilament

What tippet is best for trout?

Tippets from 4X to 6X are often used to ensure safety in salmon fishing situations. In the case of warm water fishing, tippets from 1X to 3X will be suitable for small to medium-sized trout without causing any obstruction while fishing.


Choosing the right fishing line will help you have the best trout fishing trip. I have recommended several types of fishing lines suitable for fishing purposes based on different fishing line classifications.

If you are still wondering which is the best trout fishing line, please contact us. If you find it interesting, please share and rate this article so we have more motivation for the following reviews.

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