Is 150 yards enough fishing line? Some tips for fishing activities (2024)

Imagine you’ve got a nice set of fishing rods and reels. You also have a bunch of baits and lures, but you need to include every fishing line in your collection. Then the question arises: how much fishing line do you need, and is 150 yards enough fishing line? Let’s see how to determine the amount of fishing line you need through this article.

Is 150 yards enough fishing line?

Properly, 150 yards is usually okay for anglers going fishing. If you are fishing in a deep and comprehensive body of water and aim to catch firm fish that can break many of your lines, choosing a more extensive line than 150 yards is necessary for safety. If it is not, then go down from this level.

How many yards do you need for a fishing pole?

According to many anglers, 150 yards is usually fine for basic fishing tasks. But most of us will be advised to put about 200 yards of fishing line on the fishing reel. There is such a difference because we need to look at factors related to the size of the fishing reel, the fishing rod or type of fishing line, etc., to suit your fishing purpose.

For the most part, when you buy any fishing line, you will know exactly how much that particular type of fishing line can hold. If you buy new, you don’t need to calculate how much you need. However, I will tell you one crucial thing: overfilling or missing fishing reels causes unnecessary negative consequences and will cause you more damage with more repair costs.

Here are some factors you can consider before buying a suitable length of fishing line, such as the type and size of your reel, the type of your life, and the type of fish you catch.

The type of reel

We use many reels when fishing, such as baitcasting reels, spinning reels, fly fishing reels, and so on. Therefore, pay attention to what kind of reel you have because all fishing reels have recommended fishing line lengths to suit your fishing purposes. Then, with different spinning reels, fishing reels, and baitcasting reels, all will have slightly different fishing line capacities.

Let me give you an example: A baitcasting reel requires 200 to 230 yards of line capacity. The recommended line length is 80 to 140 yards with a fly fishing reel. A length of line from 100 to 200 yards is required for a spinning reel, often used at 125 yards. In conclusion, It depends on the type and exact size of the reel.

There is a difference in reel requirements to suit your fishing preferences and ensure the best fishing performance. This also partly explains why fishing reels have the highest capacity for fishing lines: manufacturers design them so that anglers can cast long distances.

The size of the reel

One common thing, and indeed all anglers know, is that you may have more room to add a fishing line if you have an enormous reel. As for the different fishing reels, you can buy them based on the lists I mentioned before.

Now, I will take the spinning reel to describe it to you in more detail. The popular range size of line for this type ranges from 1,000 to 10,500.

A size 1,000 reel can only hold 120-150 yards of fishing line, whereas a size 10,000 reel can hold more than 300 yards. An important tip is to check your reel size and the recommended amount of fishing line before making your purchase.

The type of line

If there are different types of reels, then it is evident that there are different types of lines. Other types of lines, braided, monofilament, and fluorocarbon lines, will have different thicknesses, resulting in the fishing line that will fit on your reel. The following is a simple example for you. As you know, the monofilament line is the thickest of the above lines. As a result, you will only be able to install a few tubes of this type to fit your reel. The fluorocarbon fishing line is thinner than the monofilament fishing line, so you can use more fishing lines. On the contrary, you can install more using a braided line because it is the thinnest.

I have a small tip: you should fill your fishing reel with a certain amount, usually a maximum of ¼ inch from the spool’s edge. In addition, to never have an underfill or overfill situation with a reel, a good tip is not to fill the reel more than 2/3 or 3/4 of its maximum capacity.

In short, how much fishing line you need will depend not only on the size of the reel and the type of reel but also on the type of fishing line.

The type of fish you catch

The type of fish you want to catch is your final consideration before deciding how much fishing line to use. If you intend to fish with fly fishing and in areas in small rivers and streams, the required fishing line length will usually be less than 40 to 50 yards. Some people need up to 80 yards or 100 yards to ensure safety when fishing, but this needs to be improved. However, for deep-sea fishing areas or places where the fish are deep below the water’s surface and can pull many lines out of your reel, you may need a 200 to 400-yard or more sequence to prevent risks.

How many yards of fishing line for beginners?

Beginners new to fishing will choose areas that are shallow and dangerous. Therefore, if they prepare shorter fishing lines, they will save unnecessary costs. With 150 yards of fishing line, they can be flexible in gradually practicing fishing from easy to difficult, based on their fishing area and fishing strategy.

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Related Question

What happens if there is too much fishing line on the reel?

One of the signs that will help you recognize it is that there is too much fishing line on the reel. It comes off right to the right of the reel. In cases where the rope is too close to the edge, even a little slack can cause the rope to unravel a lot. Another way to tell is that the line you place there will not be as thick. This makes you reconsider the length and thickness ratio. Imagine, if you need a much more comprehensive fishing line to catch a big fish, putting a lot of fishing line on the reel in terms of length will cause great difficulty. You’ll save money by putting less fishing line on your reel.

What happens if there is not enough fishing line on the reel?

When you need more fishing line on your fishing rod, you will encounter a situation where the fishing line will break because it is too tight, resulting in you losing the fish. It will be one of the regrets when we fail at fishing.


Preparing what fishing length is enough is relatively easy for anglers, but 150 yards will be enough for us to do fishing activities. Depending on your purpose, your fishing equipment, or the budget you are willing to spend, you can consider a fishing line length of 150 yards. If you find it interesting, please support us for the following articles.

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