How strong is fishing line? Some demonstrations of the power of fishing line (2024)

A fishing line is considered an indispensable item for anglers when conquering the ocean. Although small, they have also assisted anglers in conquering fish from small to large, even giant. So how strong is fishing line? It will be a question that many anglers are interested in. I will cite a few related aspects in the following article.

How much weight can fishing line hold?

The weight that can hold the fishing line is called the pound test and is used for testing the breaking strength. For a 2-4lb test line, the monofilament has around 8lb to 20lb of breaking strength, while the braided line can also hold from 30lb to 100lb. However, the fishing line can break sooner than expected when exposed to external factors, such as UV exposure, wear and tear over time, cracked knots, and wire weakening.

What is the difference in pound test between mono and braid?

A braided fishing line typically has a much smaller diameter than mono, usually 1/4 the size of other fishing lines. This difference will lead to a difference in the breaking strength of braided lines compared to monofilament lines. Let’s look at the differences based on the following comparison table:

What is the difference in pound test between mono and braid

Looking at the chart, you will see that the 20 lb monofilament line corresponds to a 100 lb rated braided line. That means you get 5 times the breaking strength.

What is 20lb fishing line good for? Fishing lines are famous on the market.

20lb fishing lines are standard on the market, and you can easily find them in many fishing line stores. Its popularity is because it is durable and resistant enough to defeat large fish species such as tuna and marlin when using the mono line. The fishing line is also thin enough to allow accurate casting when aiming at smaller species, such as panfish or trout. Therefore, a 20 lb test fishing line will provide anglers with a great combination of strength and flexibility in terms of line.

So why is it said that a 20lb test fishing line ensures flexibility and strength? This fishing line can meet the requirements when you fish from freshwater places such as lakes, rivers, and streams to deep sea and offshore areas. As well as they can create flexibility between knots, allowing for different fishing techniques. And this is an excellent choice for anglers, right?

However, there are still a few points you must consider. The diameter of the fishing line should not be too thick because if it is too thick, the fish will be scared and run away. Additionally, the strength of the fishing line will need to match your goals. For instance, if you want to fish offshore in saltwater, a mono fishing line with a 20 lb test will be a great choice to help the fishing line not easily break when fighting larger fish.


20lb test fishing lines have proven that they can be strong enough to meet the basic hunting needs of anglers. They can even be flexible with different types of fishing lines. But if you want to conquer even greater fish, please refer to the following example.

How strong is fishing line? A specific case of saltwater fishing

As you may know, strong fishes will often live in saltwater. That’s why I chose saltwater fishing to prove the weight of the fishing line. A suitable saltwater fishing line typically has a minimum pound test of 10lb. I will show you the difference between fishing in saltwater inshore and offshore to make it easier to imagine.

  • Saltwater inshore: Inshore fishing lines require high abrasion resistance against nearshore rocks and corals. In addition, the fishing line must also be durable and sturdy enough. Flexibility with knots is often a plus, as we will encounter different conditions when fishing in inshore saltwater areas. A monofilament fishing line with 10lb – 15lb will satisfy the conditions mentioned. However, you can use braided fishing lines with a 30lb braid if you love braided fishing lines.
  • When fishing offshore saltwater, the harshness will be even more severe, and the fishing line will be required to meet those conditions. Abrasion resistance, stretch, durability, and flexibility to use different fishing techniques are essential for this offshore fishing trip. A monofilament fishing line that has a test strength of 20 to 30 pounds or more will be an excellent choice for offshore saltwater environments.

In addition to considering the fishing area, you need to consider what saltwater fish species you are targeting. Mahi-mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo are strong fish in deep salt water. If you want to conquer them, you need to ensure the strength of the mono fishing line with a 30 to 50-pound test.

How strong is fishing line

Is fishing line stronger than steel?

The answer is yes. Fishing lines can be stronger than steel because of their unique structure, especially with braided fishing lines. A braided fishing line is made from ultra-strong polyethylene fiber, a polymer compound that can be much stronger than steel. Spectra and Dyneema are two fishing line manufacturing brands with this fishing line production technology.


The fishing line can be so strong that we do not expect it. Choosing a suitable pound-test fishing line when fishing is an essential and necessary thing for anglers. However, choosing the right way depends on your experience and what you want to conquer in fishing. If you find it useful, please support us by rating this article.

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