Do glow in the dark fishing lures work? All about the fishing lure (2024)

The fishing lure is also one of the indispensable items for anglers, especially when conquering a target. There are many different types of fishing, and you must practice fishing with glow fishing lures. If you consider that do glow in the dark fishing lures work, continue reading this article.

What is the difference between UV and glow in the dark lures?

Recent fishing methods show that two primary forms can be used on your fishing lure: glow emits light, and lures with UV rays. So, what is the difference between these two types? In my opinion, to distinguish between these two types will help you know when to choose them and what type of fish to fish with.

Light source

The light source is the first difference you can see. It will usually be an external light source for glow emits light, and you will get it after fully charging the battery. Meanwhile, UV will usually rely on ultraviolet light coming from the sun.

Creating a mixture of reflective base coats, special matte finishes, and fluorescent paints will help perfect the power of UV light previously absorbed by other lights. Finally, there will be an optical brightener. Therefore, the UV radiation absorbing layer is perfected and has vivid colors, making it easy for fish to see. Meanwhile, a glow will come from external energy; if it weakens, you just need to charge it.


Next is the difference in adequate operating conditions. Of course, we all know glow will work in night and low-vis daytime conditions. In contrast to glow, UV is usually not a non-factor at night because its light will come from the sun. So, algae blooms, tannin-stained, turbid water, and low-light situations are the perfect times to use UV and when there is dense cloud cover.

In addition to the light source and fishing time, several other factors affect your fishing results. For example, the fish’s mood or the bait,… will affect the results. And I think if we take advantage of more advanced things, it will help us catch more fish.

Do glow in the dark fishing lures work?

The answer is yes, and glow in the dark fishing lure will work more effectively at night. During the day, it can look natural and easily visible to the fish. But at night, this is different. The fish can be attracted to the light from the lure, and you must charge them entirely to keep the light source working longer.

And in my opinion, glow lures are good for fishing, especially at depths of more than 10 feet. And as you go deeper into the sea, the surroundings will become darker. That would make it easier to attract fish if there is another light source, like when you have a glowing lure.

Do glow in the dark fishing lures work

An example of walleye fishing is …

In addition, if anyone has ever known about walleye fishing, they also know that Walleyes have the ability to collect outstanding light in their eyes. Of course, the advantage is more significant as light levels decrease than predatory fish in these situations.

For glowing patterns to attract large predators lurking near cover, remember that high-quality glowing lures require only a slight shade, not complete darkness. Depending on the different types of fish, such as bass, walleye, pike, salmon, trout, steelhead, etc., the choice of light color must be optimized. Commonly seen colors are purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The most important thing is that the light source should be a fixed focus point or a dot of light. And this will make it easier to attract fish.

How long do glow in the dark lures last?

As mentioned before, the glow lure will be powered by charging a battery. If you plug them in for about 8-10 minutes or fully charge them, they can last up to more than 8 hours to light up. Fishing like this will be most effective in the first 5 hours, based on my experience, after you stop charging the battery when the light source is still kept at its best level.

In addition, damage cannot be avoided when fishing, such as fighting with fish or impact, which will reduce the last of the glow light fishing lure.

Wrap up

Overall, glow in the dark fishing lures will work, and it’s best if you use them at night. However, in general, there will also be some newer methods, such as using UV rays. In addition, the price of regular glow will help optimize this cost. When you choose different conditions, the fishing results will differ, and you need to choose bait that suits your goals.

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