Can You Use Fishing Line In A Sewing Machine? All You Need To Know! (2024)

Sew with a fishing line

It would be best if you sew something without the necessary materials. All you control is some fishing lines. Combined with a hook, a fishing line can be a helpful tool to tether and pull in fish. 

But can you use fishing line in a sewing machine? You’ll definitely be surprised by the answer. Fishing lines are used in a wide variety of applications. They are more capable than you may realize.

Here are some FAQs concerning fishing lines. Let’s find out together.

Can You Use Fishing Line In A Sewing Machine?

Many people are unsure whether a fishing line is appropriate for use with a sewing machine. As stated in the topic’s response, you can use a fishing line in sewing.

A monofilament fishing line is a form of use in the clothing business. It is used to sew labels or sew athletic apparel. It is simple to pass through the machine needle. When some fishing lines come into touch with the skin, the monofilament thread may become irritating.

A popular material for making fishing lines is polyester which is waterproof but absorbs oil. These properties make Polyester perfect for waterproof, dustproof, and fireproof applications. Polyester’s low absorbency allows it to be naturally resistant to stains.

Use fishing line in a sewing machine
Using a machine, sewing fishing line

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Can You Stitch With Fishing Line?

Due to its durability, fishing line sewing may be used when you are in an emergency or do not have better options. The fishing line is hard-wearing enough to sew canvas, nylon, and Kevlar fabric. 

On the contrary, the fishing line is too strong to harm weaker fabrics. It is not the appropriate partner with normal needlework, so it is not common for daily sewing at home. If you insistently sew an ordinary fabric with a fishing line, the garment will be the first to rip. It would be challenging to solve and more costly to use another piece of cloth.

Is Braided Fishing Line Safe To Use?

Compared to conventional webbing, braided-line fishing is significantly stronger and more flexible. Although it is feasible, it is not advised to sew up seams permanently. However, once you have other threads to replace the stitching, you should remove it because it can only temporarily repair the tear.

The fact that you can use braided-line fishing to sew curly hems or ruffles is one of its benefits. Make sure the fishing line is colorless and transparent. The colored ones could be softer and unable to fulfill the specifications. The optimal fishing line weight is between 30 and 40 pounds.

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Braided Fishing Line
Braided-Line Fishing

How Do I Put Fishing Line On Fabric?

You will have many choices to use fishing lines on the fabric. For instance, you can fix seams that come out on rough bags. Alternately, the sewing machines may create a zigzag stitch on your skirt or dress using thin fishing lines.

Set your fishing line at a distance of about 1/8 inch from the skirt’s edge. At the end of your item, don’t forget to allow around 8 inches of additional fishing line. The skirt’s edge should be tucked beneath the stitch. Lower the presser foot while the needle is still in the cloth and begin sewing.

What Can Fishing Line Be Used For?

You can stitch and attach materials with piece of string. Choosing a suitable method to make the most of it for needlework, includes: 

  • Creating curly hems: A fishing line is used when making rolled hems on your clothes. You can create the zigzag pattern you like.
  • Gridding cross stitch:  Most likely, you create fishing line grids to prevent the needle from breaking. When compared to a typical thread, that is a compelling argument.
  • Collecting fabric: A fishing line is thicker and too stiff to sew so it can make a nice ruffle. It is also smooth, which can let you gather easily.
A curly hem created with fishing line
A curly hem created with fishing line

Is Fishing Wire The Same As Fishing Line?

The fishing wire is not the same as the fishing line. A fishing line is a long, nylon, silk, or wire thread. In other words, a fishing wire is a type of fishing line. 

Fishing line comes in various materials and strengths. Each of them brings out its benefits and drawbacks. Wire can be applied as a fishing line, including single strand and braided. Fishing wire can be a great helper in catching fish, especially hunting mackerel and tuna. When you use wire for fishing, you must equip specialized spools for your reels.

Can I Sew With a Fishing Line?

The answer is, “Yes, you can”! Although a fishing line is not ideal, it is strong and durable enough to sew in some projects. For example, you can use it to repair the tear on the backpack. 

We can contest that using fishing lines when sewing will have drawbacks. If we adopt it for the first time, we can have trouble managing it because it is thinner than most conventional threads. A fishing line’s manufacturing process results in a strong product, which is another attribute. Everyone may find it difficult to thread that through the needle’s tiny eye.

Furthermore, the fishing lines are not very heat resistant. The use of this material for products exposed to high temperatures should be carefully considered.

Sew with a fishing line
Sew with a fishing line

Can Monofilament Be Used In A Stitching Machine?

Monofilament is partially the same as a fine fishing line. It has two main forms: clear and smoke. You can use the clear on light fabrics, while the smoke is suitable for dark ones. Monofilament is an invisible thread that is not difficult to sew. However, you should follow some tips below.

It would help if you placed monofilament at the stitching machine’s top and regular threads in the bobbin. The winding process will create heat if you put monofilament in the bobbin. Thus, you ought to wind the bobbin and sew more slowly. You also slacken the tension and take a test to check the stitch carefully.

Monofilament Fishing Line
Monofilament Fishing Line


Is it possible to sew using a line-fishing?” We ensure that it is feasible. If you have no strands other than fishing lines, you could decide to utilize them. Even though it’s not always the greatest choice, it may immediately treat the seams. As soon as you can, stitch a seam using the proper thread. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for our articles to gain more about sewing!

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