Can you use crimp beads on fishing line? Some tips for string and beading (2024)

Can you use crimp beads on fishing line

Usually, fishermen will use methods to upgrade fishing lines from connecting different fishing lines together through knots or creating their own knots on the fishing line itself,… but there is a type of material. Less mentioned are crimp beads. And, of course, they are overlooked when anglers prepare for their hunting trips. But can you use crimp beads on fishing line? I believe the flexibility of crimp beads will not disappoint you.

What are crimped beads?

Soft metal beads that are bent, intended for fixing materials that cannot be knotted, are known as crimp beads. Usually, when fishing, these crimp beads are often tiny metal beads in many different sizes and colors used to secure fishing lines. The first thing you need to do when using crimp beads is thread the fishing line through them and use pliers to tighten them. Nowadays, you can find beads at many offshore locations and get them at affordable prices.

Why use the fishing line beads?

The two main reasons we need to use a fishing line with beads are that they will provide visual stimulation to the fish and protect the knots from damage and abrasion.

Using beads will help attract the fish’s attention because these can be “unidentified flying objects” in the eyes of the fish. The patterns of the beads are diverse and colorful, sometimes shimmering and glowing right in the water, like a UFO in the sky and attracting the human eye. This will help you increase your chances of catching higher fish than if you don’t put anything on your fishing line.

Additionally, using beads will help protect knots on your fishing line. The first rule when tying a knot on a rope is that it must be strong so it cannot come loose because if they are not strong enough, firm fish will say goodbye to you. However, when beads are present, they act as a protective cushion for your knots, keeping them as viable and safe as possible.

Can you use crimp beads on fishing line?

Obviously, you can use the crimp beads on the fishing line. This depends on finding the right size for your fishing line and having the right tool with enough pressure so the crimp beads can work on the fishing line.

First, remember that choosing the correct length of crimp beads for your fishing line will be essential. If in case it is too small for your fishing line, it will quickly come loose. So, if it’s smaller, it will be easier to exert its effectiveness in supporting your fishing line.

In expansion, finding good quality tools to attach the crimp bead to the fishing line is one of the factors worth considering. Typically, anglers will use a pair of anchors, but they will easily damage the crimp beads if careful. Crimping tools are the most recommended because they are designed for this job.

The most important thing is to determine how much pressure you put on the crimp beads so they can stay on your fishing line. If you use too much force, the crimp beads may be damaged or deformed. But if the power is not enough, they will not be able to stick to your fishing line and will easily fall off.

Can you use crimp beads on fishing line
Can you use crimp beads on fishing line

Can you use a fishing line to string beads?

Using fishing line to make jewelry or necklace

Of course, you can use a fishing line to string beads to make jewelry or necklaces, and that will be a surprise answer for most anglers. In my personal opinion, this is a good idea because the fishing line is not too expensive and has enough resistance so that the beads can connect with each other. Therefore, using this to make your own gifts for your loved ones will be a great idea.

As you know, there are many types of fishing lines. You can choose fishing lines that are not used anymore but are durable enough to string beads on your fishing line.

For instance, if you need to string heavier and larger beads, you can choose thicker fishing lines to handle the weight. Therefore, a braided fishing line is usually not a good choice in this situation. But the braided fishing line is the best choice if you’re looking to string tiny, more delicate strings.

Comparing other types of wire

One of the significant advantages of a fishing line compared to other types of wire commonly used to make beads is its non-stretch properties. The string will easily stretch or break over time with different materials, but the fishing line will overcome this situation and limit the risk of string breakage.

How do you tie beads on a fishing line?

The first thing to do when tying beads to a fishing line is to choose the right ones for your fishing line and make sure you want to use them, too. You will need clarification about crimp beads’ different sizes, shapes, and colors. But remember, choosing the suitable crimp bead for your fishing situation is essential. In addition to determining what line you use and the beads you will crimp, the supporting tool should be a crimping tool.

Once you have all the needed materials, start tying the rope. First, choose two fishing lines of the same size and length and use one as the “base.” Tie a knot on one end of both strands, but remember to leave enough looseness to be able to pull it tight later.

Thread one string through the hole of the bead and pull both strings through until they meet at the other end, making sure to tie the other knot securely to both lines. Finally, take one strand and wrap both strands tightly two times before you move on to the next bead.


We can use crimp beads on fishing lines and vice versa and fishing lines with beads to perform other functions. With the flexibility of crimp beads, I believe this will be a valuable tool for anglers. If you find it helpful, please support me in other articles by sharing widely.

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