Can fishing line cut you? Some tips to protect you when using fishing line (2024)

Can fishing line cut you

As you know, a fishing line is an indispensable tool for any angler with various forms, functions, and prices. However, besides the great benefits of fishing lines, they also have some disadvantages. And one of them will be the question, “Can fishing line cut you?” You will find exciting fishing line facts as you scroll down.

Can fishing line cut you?

The answer is yes; this happens because each fishing line’s tensile strength is different and measured in pounds of pressure. The kind of knot used when tying a fishing line is another factor that can affect your hand cut. Also, the broken fishing line can cut your hand.

Some factors that can cut you

Remember, the higher the tensile strength of the fishing line, the stronger it can cut your hand. The fishing line with the highest tensile strength, such as the monofilament fishing line, will be able to cut through your skin most easily. Therefore, you must be careful when using fishing lines with high tensile strength, such as mono fishing lines.

The use of knots when tying fishing lines is also one of the factors that can break your hand in addition to tensile strength. Knots with wings or sharp ends can easily tear anglers’ skin if they are not careful. So, using knots with proper techniques will be essential to ensure safety when handling fishing lines.

A broken fishing line can also cut your hand while you are fishing. One of the reasons that can break may come from poor fishing line quality or longevity. Mono fishing lines typically tend to break faster than other fishing lines.

Can fishing line cut through bone?

When your hand is cut by a fishing line, the lightest level will be a slight skin abrasion, and the most severe can cause hand bleeding or cut through bone. With the braided fishing line, cutting off the tip of your fingers is easy if you don’t have any protection.

Some protection tools

You can use medical gloves or hockey tape (without electrical tape) and finger guard tools to keep your fingers safe when working with fishing lines.

Gloves will help protect your hands in many situations, except when you do a lot of surf casting. The finger protector of the medical/hockey tape is usually made from a piece of leather with a flexible material on the outside. Therefore, they will also leave an unexpected effect for anglers when using them. Also, anglers can easily find finger guards at most bait and tackle stores at reasonable prices.

In addition, consider using KT tape if you have enough money. Owning a KT tape will be more expensive than medical or hockey tape, but they are highly flexible and work best when protecting your fingers. You can easily get them at drug stores or retail stores.

Can fishing line cut you

How do you heal a cut on a fishing line?

When fishing, the most undesirable thing is to have a problem with the fishing line cutting into your hand. So, this will lead to an interruption in your fishing trip and a not-so-great experience. When you encounter this problem, remember to treat the wound quickly to avoid excessive bleeding or infection.

First of all, you need to slowly wrap 1 to 2 rounds of bandage comfortably around the wound, ensuring not to tighten or loosen your application too much. Then, use an adhesive tape of sufficient quality to ensure it does not come off quickly when exposed to water. Anglers mostly use waterproof medical tape because it is durable and affordable.

Above is how to provide timely first aid when you encounter an incident. Once this is completed, you must go to the nearest medical facility for further treatment. That step can help you heal a cut on a fishing line.

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Some tips for protection while fishing

Always use professional finger glow

Using gloves is one of the common ways to protect your fingers from fishing lines and other environmental factors, such as the sun’s rays. Glove models are often diverse on the market and are specifically designed for fishing. You can easily find it at stores that sell fishing supplies.

Be careful when using fishing line

Anglers should be careful when using fishing lines. Fishing lines can easily injure you at any time, especially when you are fighting with aggressive fish.

Avoiding wrapping the fishing line around the fingers

You also need to avoid wrapping the line around your fingers. This may make it easier for the angler to control the line, but it also increases the chance of a cut by increasing the contact area of the line with the fingers.

Keep out of reach of the fishing line

Keeping out of reach of the fishing line may be one of the ways that is not recommended because a fishing line is required when fishing. However, if the fishing line is not being used, it can be stored in a corner out of reach. This will avoid unwanted accidents.

Recycle fishing lines if they are no longer useful

Recycling fishing lines if they are no longer valid may be one of the familiar ways for anglers. You can use old fishing lines to make wind chimes or cat toys. At the same time, you can use them to fasten household items or make jewelry.


Can fishing line cut you? The short answer is yes, especially with the braided fishing line because of its higher damage. Fishing is a fun and relaxing sport, but protect your hands well to ensure the fishing line doesn’t cut you.

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