Why Are Fishing Rods So Expensive? Worth To Use Expensive Rods To Fish, Isn’t It? (2024)

A good rod and reel combo.

Fishing is a way of relaxing that many people like. Anglers invest a lot in their fishing rod since each has its function. But people who aren’t into fishing may wonder:  Why are fishing rods high in price?

You can find the best answer to that question and some relevant concerns in this article. Scroll down to have more information.

Why Are Fishing Reels So Expensive?

The structure of a fishing rod includes many parts, such as a rod, reel, and fishing line. Every detail has been precisely crafted to give the fishing rod good action and balance.

Fishing rods need to be tough and withstand the fish’s weight, so they must be tested many times before the final product.

Fishing rods
Fishing rods

The material to make the rod also needs to be considered a lot. Graphite is lightweight and weather-resistant. Carbon fiber is flexible and has high strength. These are two common materials used to produce fishing rods and are not cheap.

Many fishing poles are not for fishing trips. People buy it for collection. With this kind of rod, some can cost up to thousands of dollars.

Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Rod?

If you are a collector, there is nothing to discuss, because fishing rods worth collecting are valuable ones. Collectibility value is priceless with collectors and high price is not a problem.

With a pro angler, expensive fishing reels can create differences. High-end fishing rods with good action and balance can help anglers catch big fish. Not only that, but they also make better experiences for anglers with a comfortable grip.

On the other hand, beginners might not feel the difference between an expensive fishing pole and a normal fishing rod. Besides, they can easily break the rods during practice. Therefore, we will recommend a normal fishing rod for beginners.

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Why Do Pro Fishermen Have So Many Rods?

Pro fishermen are the ones who have much experience. They know exactly the value that rods bring to every fishing trip. Therefore, they want to invest in the best fishing rods.

Why Do Pro Fishermen Have So Many Rods?
Why Do Pro Fishermen Have So Many Rods?

Moreover, pro anglers know each fish type needs a different fishing rod. They usually buy many rods. On a fishing trip, they choose the rods suitable for the fish type.

On the other hand, pro fishermen may want to experience as many rods as possible to find the best one. They won’t regret spending money to experience and review to find the best pole.

Does A Fishing Rod Make A Difference?

As mentioned above, beginners may not notice the difference between fishing rods. However, the pro angler can feel it.

A good fishing rod with good action and balance can help the fishermen to catch the fish. Fishing rods that are not good enough can break because they cannot withstand the pull of the big fish.

A good fishing rod needs to consider other parts, such as a reel and fishing line. A good spin will make it easier for the angler to pull the fish. A durable fishing line won’t break when the fish pull too strongly.

Expensive Rod or Good Fishing Rod?

The materials used to create the rod are essential to make out whether the price will be very expensive or not. The rods made out of carbon fiber are generally expensive. As providing durability, strength, and longevity, these kinds of rods are so pricey, creating a difference in a cheap rod that has different materials from others mentioned.

There are many good fishing rod brands for different kinds of fish. We will introduce 2 brands that are best for saltwater and freshwater.

Fishing in saltwater is more difficult than in freshwater. It requires a good fishing rod to avoid wearing out and to give the user the best experience.

Okuma fishing rod is expensive but worth it. It is produced with good materials and has a warranty. It ensures it serves you for a long time. However, to keep the rod durable, remember to clean the rod after every fishing trip.

Okuma fishing rod.
Okuma fishing rod.

Daiwa creates the best freshwater fishing rod at varying prices. All rods of this brand are valued for their price and have good performance. To find your favorite fishing rod, you can research more on the brand’s website and update what news.

Daiwa fishing rod.
Daiwa fishing rod.

How Do I Pick A Beginner’s Fishing Pole?

Fishing rods are very important items in every fishing session. So, choose a good fishing rod if you want to catch a lot of fish. For beginners, we recommend buying a cheap one.

First, you need to determine your fishing frequency. If you fish often, a good rod will suit you. Then decide if you will go fishing in freshwater or saltwater because the fishing rod for the two types of water is different.

Fishing pole
Fishing pole

You can search on the Internet for popular fishing rod brands, then read reviews of rods within your budget. Choosing the most suitable fishing rod can take some time. Do not be afraid to consult experts.

How Much Does A Normal Fishing Rod Cost?

If you are a beginner, a normal fishing rod is suitable. “Normal” doesn’t mean it is not good. A normal fishing rod is still a good fishing rod, but it is not the best one.

A normal fishing rod is affordable. It costs only $20-$50. It may be lower if you want, but we don’t recommend it. With this kind of rod, you can practice comfortably. It is still durable if you take good care of it.

How Much Does A Good Rod And Reel Cost?

We recommend a good and more expensive fishing rod and reel for pro fishermen. Rods and reels for fishing are usually sold as a combo. They come in a wide variety to suit everyone’s needs.

A good rod and reel combo
A good rod and reel combo

A combo usually costs over $200. Of course, the combo will be cheaper than buying each item individually. When purchased separately, a good pole costs over $150 and does not include spinning.


We have answered the question: Why are fishing rods high in price? and some relevant concerns. All rods are worth it since they help the anglers a lot. We hope you have all the necessary information and can choose a suitable fishing rod. Please share our post widely if it is salutary, we will appreciate it.

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