What is a top shot fishing line? An excellent tool for fishing line (2024)

Nowadays, to increase the speed of the reels, many anglers use the top spinning reels on trolling, bottom fishing, and spinning reels. This is called a full-shot fishing line, so what is a top shot fishing line? To explore more, let’s continue reading the post.

What is a top shot fishing line?

A top shot fishing line technique

A top shot fishing line is a method to combine the braid line and monofilament line twisted up on the same fishing reel. First, the coil is almost completely wound with the selected braid. After that, a much shorter piece of mono is attached with a series knot. The braided line is much thinner than the mono line, so you can fit it more on the reel. However, the mono line has more stretch and abrasion resistance than the braided line. Because of those characteristics, the top shot technique allows anglers to benefit from braided and mono lines on a reel.

The benefits of a top shot fishing line

Compared to the lifespan, the braided line is much longer than the mono line. In some cases, the mono line can break down because it is in the sun or can develop the “memory” because of being wound too tight or too long on a spool. This annoys, as anglers may often re-spool their mono reels during the season. Conversely, the braided line can last longer if not physically damaged by abrasion. If you run the top shot, you must change the mono line, although it is only the first few hundred feet. Replacing a short line will be much easier if you suspect damage.

The versatility of a top shot

When adding a top shot to the trolling reel, the reel is typically spooled with a 50 to 65-lb braid, which is the larger diameter of the line. It seems heavy, but adding mono and reaching the downrigger is essential.

Is Topshot the same as Leader?

The Leader is the line length from the lure to a swivel, which could be 1 foot or 10 feet. It is separate from the reel and connected to a swivel or terminal tackle. The top shot is a mono-length spooled on top of the spectra/braid mainline on a spin. This length is often between 75 to 100 yards.

The Topshot is not the same as the Leader because of its heavy. The Topshot is typically a lighter Monofilament or Fluorocarbon line than the Leader. So, the Leader is offered more excellent resistance to tooth wear and breakage, showing that the Leader is unlike the top shot. The Leader is more durable in preventing breakage than if it is not used to provide shock resistance. With the Leader, fishing lures commonly use approximately 5′ of 80 or 100-lb Mono in most offshore. Tournament anglers often use the 80-lb Fluorocarbon to increase their hook rates via its invisibility in salt water.

Do you need a top shot?

I think you may need a top shot in some cases. Imagine being in a water zone where fish can be easily caught, that is okay. But a top shot could be suitable if you want to chase fish that can test your limits tackle system.

You will have to master a line-to-line knot to attach your top shot, and there are many ways to choose.

The Crazy Alberto makes for a tiny, strong knot, although learning is challenging. The Albright or Bristol knot is less intense than the Alberto. With spin casting or bottom fishing rigs, some anglers choose their standard knot and add a small swivel to connect the different types of lines.

How do you do a knot for a top shot?

Anglers often use two common knot patterns. I will explain in detail so you can easily tie a knot for a top shot fishing line.

The Albright Knot: As I mentioned before, this type of knot is less strong than the others, but it is easy to learn how to knot for a top shot. Here are the details for you, step by step:

  1. You must pass the braid rope through the mono loop and twist the braid rope around the mono standing part. It would be best if you turned it ten times to create the role of knot for solid specificity and pass the mono tag end through the braid loop.
  2. You pull the ends at the opposite sides to tighten the knot.
  3. Trim the excess tag end, and you will have the knot.

The updated Albright Knot is more updated to the original version, increasing the strong specificity. The first step is to pass the braid rope through the mono loop. After that, twist the braid rope around the mono-standing part. Wrap it around the mono and braid the rope in 5 times. The updated is moistened for the proper setting, and you need both ends to tighten. Finally, it would help if you cut off excess tag ends.

The Alberto knot: Because it has good resistance, creating it will also be difficult for anglers. However, I will convey it most understandably. Here are the details for you, step by step:

  1. You need to wrap the mono rope around the braid rope seven times and wrap it in the opposite direction.
  2. Then, pass it through the braid loop and pull both ends to tighten. This is the most challenging step because of the high concentration required.
  3. Finally, you trim off the excess tag ends, and your knot is done.

Above are some ways to tie a knot for a top shot. Be sure to practice and prepare for your fishing trip.


Although creating a knot for a top shot fishing line is not new, it will help anglers avoid broken fishing lines when fishing in dangerous areas or with healthy fish. Could you find the answer to what a top shot fishing line is? In this post, I hope to help you with some tips on how to tie a knot.

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