How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Fishing Rods? Fishing Items At Pawn Shop (2024)

Old fishing rod.

Fishing poles are a need for anyone who enjoys the sport. Old fishing poles are frequently sold again as they are frequently extremely costly. There are other items for sale, like reels and lures for hunting.

Pawn shops are the most popular location to purchase used fishing poles. Your fishing pole and its attachments can be resold here for a fair price. As a result, we will address these and other pertinent concerns in the article “How much do thrift stores pay for fishing rods”.

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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Fishing Rods? 

Your fishing poles’ cost will vary depending on a variety of things. Its brand and year of manufacturing are extremely vital to note first. For instance, the price of a Garrison pole may reach $20,000. So, make sure your pole is the right brand and version.

You also have to check if the fishing pole is new or not. If the fishing pole has any damage, its price will greatly decrease. 

Damaged fishing rod.
Damaged fishing rod.

Thirdly, fishing poles with collectability have a higher price. With this kind of pole, they don’t need to be new or in good condition. Collectible fishing poles are even more valuable when bearing the traces of time.

The amount the pawn shops pay for your fishing poles will vary with all the above factors. From a few dollars to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Does a Pawn Shop Allow To Pawn Fishing Pole?

A pawn shop is a store where you can purchase a variety of used goods. Thus, you may trade your fishing poles there without a problem. Follow these instructions to trade your fishing poles for the greatest possible price.

Find out which pawn shop in your area provides the greatest deals first. Then, do an Internet survey to determine the typical pawn shop price for your fishing pole. Additionally, you should examine the pole’s brand and quality.

Finally, don’t be afraid to haggle. If the shop owner offers bad prices, do not rush to leave, but set a price you want.

Where Other Can I Sell For My Fishing Rod?

There are other locations far outside pawn shops in which you could sell fishing poles such as a local pawn shop. The first is at a fishing gear dealer. Not all dealers buy old fishing poles, but you can find a few places to buy them. However, here the price is not very good.

Your fishing rod is up for sale on eBay. You may compete with yourself to set the price and sell to the highest bidder here. The fishing pole’s selling price will go up as a result.

Fishing rod auction on eBay
Fishing rod auction on eBay

Additionally, you may market it on internet forums or social networking sites. Online clubs that purchase and sell fishing poles are widespread. You might love haggling and negotiating for yourself to get the greatest offer at the wire.

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What Does a Fishing Rod Cost?

A fishing pole’s cost varies depending on the sale’s format and the location of the sale. At the fishing tackle dealer, the price is often lower. Because this is not a place to buy old fishing poles, and it is more difficult to bargain.

When you auction on eBay, if you’re lucky, the sale price can go up to thousands of dollars if you arouse the buyer’s eagerness. They will be determined to buy it at any cost.

Are Old Fishing Reels Worth Money? 

Selling prices for fishing gear are sometimes rather expensive. In order to save money, a lot of individuals decide to purchase used fishing poles. Angler reels can range in price depending on the brand and quality.

Old fishing reel.
Old fishing reel.

Reels from a reputable brand are offered at fair prices and have quality assurance. Even if they are ancient, they may still trade for a great price if you can take proper care of them.

Reel usually has no collectible value, so it is not usually bought at a high price. They will be resold for cheaper than the original price.

Are Old Fishing Rods Worth Any Money? 

As for the old fishing poles, you can completely resell them for a low price if they are still in good use. However, they’re worthless if they can’t be used and have no collectible value.

Old fishing rod.
Old fishing rod.

However, you may sell them for a good price if they have collectible value. A pole is considered vintage and at least 40 years old. If it is 100 years old, it is an antique pole. People may buy it for a thousand dollars. 

Are Old Fishing Lures Worth Any Money? 

Unlike fishing rods, fishing lures are quite cheap. So people usually don’t buy old fishing lures. People usually only buy them in two cases.

First, they want to save money. Fishing lures are cheap but usually cost between $15 and $30. If you buy a used fishing lure, it will only cost you a few dollars for one.

The second case is that the Fishing lures have collectible value. In this case, they can be purchased for hundreds of dollars. However, there are not many like them on the market.

What Fishing Lures Are Worth A Lot Of Money? 

As was already said, collectible fishing lures may cost hundreds of dollars at auction. They are often used underwater to lure fish into biting, so they will break faster than fishing poles. Ten times their initial worth, antique and unique fishing lures fetch very high prices on the market.

Fishing lure
Fishing lure

Try to keep old fishing lures as fresh as you can while trading them if they don’t have any collectibility value. After use, wash with soap under running water. Utilize a brush to gently scrub them until clean. Then dry and store in a cool, dry place. They will be very durable.


We have answered the question: “How much do pawn shops pay for fishing rods” and some relevant questions. The fishing rod and accessories price will vary depending on their brand, quality, and condition. Hope we have given you every information you need.

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