How Many Fishing Rods Per Person in Ohio? Fishing License in Ohio You May Need (2024)

How Many Fish Are You Allowed to Catch in Ohio?

Ohio is a Midwestern state in the USA. The name “Ohio” means “Beautiful Lake” in Iroquois. You guy can imagine how the significance of lakes, and rivers there will make anglers enjoy fishing in this area. The old law permits only two rods for fishing in Ohio. Updated from January 2020, the rule has some changes. Do you know clearly to rule for fishing in Ohio, or how many fishing rods per person in Ohio? Don’t worry, I will explain all things about the Ohio-fishing rule below.

How Many Fish Are You Allowed to Catch in Ohio?

Limiting the number of fish allowed to catch is to protect the environment. Different species, there have other limits on it. With Blue & Flathead Catfish 35 inches or larger, Channel Catfish 28 inches or larger, and Muskellunge, the daily limit is one of each.

How Many Fish Are You Allowed to Catch in Ohio?
How Many Fish Are You Allowed to Catch in Ohio?

The species such as Striped, Hybrid-striped & White bass, and Yellow Perch have a limit is 30 per day. The trout, Largemouth, Smallmouth, & Spotted Bass which min a size of no more than 4 over 15 inches, are the species of fish you are allowed to catch 5 (slightly or in combination) per day. Walleye, Sauger, & Saugeye, and Channel Catfish under 28 inches species has a daily limit is 6.

If you have an idea to possess Lake Sturgeon species fortune, it is not legal. All other fish I have not mentioned has no limitations.

Do you need a fishing license for catch and release in Ohio?

Having a fishing license for catch and release in Ohio is required to hunt species such as fish, frogs, and turtles from Ohio waters. If your age is 16 or older, you need to have a fishing license. Depending on what you want to do or where you want to catch fish, you need to get one of two main types of permits below:

  • Ohio State Fishing License – allowed catching fish in any freshwater area of the state of Ohio.
  • Lake Erie Fishing License – allowed Non-residents who want to fish at Lake Erie between January 1 and April 31 of each year.

What happens if you get caught fishing without a license in Ohio?

If you are over 15 and do have not a permit, you would be fine. Punishments in Ohio begin at a relatively lower $75. Your fine can be significantly higher if you are recidivism, badly that you may end up in court.

How Many Fishing Rods Per Person in Ohio?

Updated from January 2020, it is forbidden for anybody to fish at any time while using more than three handlines, three rod-and-line units, or more than three handlines and rod-and-line units combined, whether in hand under control. In my opinion, this is as well new for anglers who love extra rods.

What kind of fishing license is in Ohio?

If you are a resident of Ohio, you can search more for the “Resident Fishing License”. This is used for persons aged from 16 to 65, who have resided in this place for six months or more. The price you need to pay is $19.00. If you are over 65, you will have a “Resident Reduced-Cost Senior Fishing License”, which will cost $10.00.

For both residents and non-residents, having the same price is $11.00, you can buy the following 2 kinds of permit. The “One-Day Fishing License”, can be deducted from the cost of an annual fishing license. The “Lake Erie Charter One-Day Fishing License” will be validated when you sign it and enter the date to ensure that it is legitimate at the start of the journey. Also, the “Three-Day Nonresident Tourist’s Fishing License” will cost $19.00 if you want to own property. The “Annual Nonresident Fishing License” costs $40.00 and it is valid for 365 days after the buy date. Also, residents can have an annual license at the same price – $40.00. The “Duplicate License” costs $4.00, which is available if you want to remake a lost, stolen, or damaged fishing license through any license vendor or web.

If you are an Ohio resident that born on or before December 31, 1937, you can receive an Ohio Fishing Free License. Through any official license merchant or online website, you can get a free license. There are some exceptions the following that do not need to pay a fee license, such as Individuals with limited mobility who need the aid of another person to cast and retrieve; Owners of veteran-specific license plates bearing the global wheelchair symbol; Certain handicapped veterans; Occupants of government and county institutions; Former war prisoners.

The “Lifetime License” which costs $430.56, is available for minor resident anglers under the age of 16. Even if the licensee’s citizenship changed, lifetime permits would still be valid.

How Can I Get an Ohio Fishing License?

When acquiring an Ohio fishing license, you have a few available variations. In this topic, I give you four ways to get a fishing permit in Ohio.

How Can I Get an Ohio Fishing License?
How Can I Get an Ohio Fishing License?

First, you can get an Ohio fishing license online. In my opinion, this is the most convenient way for you guys to have a permit. It is available for both residents and non-residents. You can access the state’s online license system. ( and need to complete all necessary criteria. Doing all needed and waiting until it is acknowledged. You are allowed to save a digital copy of your license on your mobile device after making an online, or you need to pay a $4 Conservation Card if you want to print a paper copy. The important that you must note is that Lake Erie – specific permits are not sold online.

Second, completing all requirements relevant to an official license merchant in Ohio is possible for those in this place. Make sure that check the Official Vendor Locator Map which is closest to your location before going out.

Third, you can also ask to have a Mail Order Application Form. The one way that contacts the number is 1-800-WILDLIFE or (614) 264-6300, your need will be finished soon.

Last, if you want to have a one or three – day license, there is a number to supply your demand. Just call 1-866-703-1928 to exchange thoughts or shares with to live operator. You need to pay a $5.50 fee for this. Or you can call 1-855-764-3474 to have a voice-activated IVR system, for which you must pay $3.25.


Anglers should be informed of Ohio fishing restrictions and guidelines to prove their concern for future generations of species, even if they are as basic as how many fishing rods per adult in Iowa. You may get the most up-to-date fishing information by visiting the Ohio Department of Natural Resources official website. We hope you found this information informative. If you enjoy it, share this post. We would be delighted.

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