Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Good? – The Convenient Tool For Fishing (2024)

The Composite Telescopic Fishing Rod of Kastking

If you guys are fond of discovering many strange wheres (such as in the huge ocean, big lake, etc), you need to repair a great fishing rod for incases. The collapsible rods, which rods are a great option for anglers that we heard sometimes such as telescopic rods. The telescopic fishing rod has a collapsible design for you to luggage. Because of the well-known of this kind of rod, many anglers wonder if telescopic fishing rods are good enough. Explore more in our topic below.

What Is a Telescopic Fishing Rod?

A telescopic fishing rod, or telescopic travel rod, is a wonderful choice for anglers who want a small kit for traveling or fishing from vehicles while still wanting a nice fishing rod. The telescopic fishing rod is known as a simple tool for better flexibility. Having an adjustability size between 18 inches and 26 inches (1.5 – 2.16 ft) long, it can fit nearly any vehicle such as a car truck, or under a seat. This rod is also small enough for anglers to carry on backpacks.

The telescopic fishing rods on the luggage
The telescopic fishing rods on the luggage

Does A Telescopic Rod Break Easily?

Demanding the material, which rods made of fiberglass, graphite, or composite rod are hard to break. As you know, fiberglass, which provides the most flexibility and durability, is commonly used and less sensitive than others. On the flip side, graphite enables anglers to sense the smallest movements. Consequently, it is more fragile than fiberglass rods and can break if there is excess tension on the line. The mix-material rod such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, and others, allows for the thicker and rather sensitive rods.

The Composite Telescopic Fishing Rod of Kastking
The Composite Telescopic Fishing Pole of Kastking

In conclusion, the rods telescopic does not easily break because of the durable material. In another case, the weight of the rod is spread evenly along the rod because of the dividend into parts, so it may provide extra strength. It may break if having a huge action on it suddenly.

How do You Cast a Telescopic Rod?

As mentioned before, a telescopic fishing rod is allowed to be extended and collapsed to different lengths. That must be the one reason that telescopic rod functions in a similar way to other rod types. The tips below may be useful for you guys:

One, to catch a species, you must match your other fishing tackle to the rod.

Two, it is essential to place the rod on a flat surface and gradually pull out each segment until it locks. When fully extended, it may be used as a standard fishing pole. Make sure that all the line guides are parallel.

Three, remember that you should not “whip” the pole into an expanded position in case the rod could become damaged and worthless.

Four, to collapse the rod, you must carefully rotate each part of the rod until it loosens to bring it back to its folded state. Be calm and do not try to push it in if it appears to be stuck. That will cause damage to the rod.

Five, to protect any harm to your rod, remember that you avoid using any pressure during both opening and closing actions.

If you follow these tips, you can cast a telescopic rod safely.

What Kind of Fish Is Caught by Telescopic Rods?

Depending on the rest of your tackle and bait, and the rod size, the telescopic rod is used to catch fish such as trout, salmon, bream, carp, bass, crappie, bluegill, panfish, and perch in freshwater. This kind of rod is not recommended to be used to fish carp if you want to break a record specimen. Telescopic fly fishing rods are an interesting concept for anglers. Because it is often a little thicker than those of standard fly rods, anglers might find it slightly unpleasant. Likewise, a telescopic version won’t allow you to cast far further.

You may capture a variety of saltwater fish species by employing telescoping sea fishing rods, such as mullet, common pandora, black scorpionfish, European bass, gilt-headed bream, and Atlantic mackerel. Which this rod, you also hook more species, although it depends on whether your area is available or not.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Telescopic Rod?

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of telescopic fishing rods is essential when discussing them. Every angler has different demands, so what is a trade for one angler could be a bonus for another. Of course, certain features have advantages or disadvantages, and I’ll list both below.


First, a telescopic rod allows anglers to adjust its length of its. It might be small when you guys collapsed. Given this, anglers may easily of their carrying case or another small suitcase. Having a lightweight is a plus point, that you may not need a vehicle.

Second, a telescopic rod has cost-effective. Although the cheapest ones produced by doubtful suppliers will not satisfy qualities, also good rods are not overly costly. This may be a significant benefit for newcomers, especially those who worry about accidental damage to the rod.

Third, a telescopic rod is hard to break. Because of the source to create the rod and the sections, it is frequently stronger than traditional ones. This helps to keep the rod from cracking. Will you irritate that spending a long time hunting a ling cod only to lose it because of a broken pole? This kind of pole will increase your worries.


Telescopic rods commonly crack when anglers open or close the rod out of turn. Therefore, if you open or close the pole forcefully, you will likely add more wear and tear to the pole. The rod will likely rotate and move if it is somewhat closed, which will be problematic when spinning and casting.

Telescopic rods are inevitably prone to damage and strain due to moving parts. Over time, collapsing and expanding may weaken and break the rod. Mainly the reason is objects like sand, dirt, and other debris are stuck within the joint area, which would accelerate their devaluation.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: How to Choose?

Because there are many things to consider when selecting a suitable telescope rod. So, you should make an effort to understand these factors and how they may affect your fishing experience. Knowing exactly your demand for using the rod is essential. I will inform you of some key factors below:

Length: You need to take care of the length of the rod through collapsing and extending process. Consider that when collapsing it, it should be small enough to suit your suitcase, or when extending it, it should be long enough to bring fishing effectively.

Material: Depending on what source to create the rod, there are many prices for you to pick one. A combination will be the best choice, but it may be more expensive.

Eyelets: To boost the strength of a pole, remember to choose one with fewer numbers as you add more, the weight of a pole will be spread evenly throughout it.

Line guides: Metal, ceramic or stainless steel are the possible materials for line guides. Ceramics are excellent for fishing lines because of how smooth they are.

Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Good?

The answer is yes. Telescopic fishing rods bring anglers more benefits as I informed you before. Those rods are quite affordable, portable, collapsible, and fairly strong for anglers who like to travel everywhere.


In this article, I provide some information about telescopic fishing rods and also answer that: Are telescopic fishing rods good? Using telescopic fishing rods are an excellent option if you’re a traveling angler.

Hope our tips could bring some exciting facts or helps you guys. If you love this post, please share it widely. We will really appreciate your action. Thanks for reading.


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