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All About Southern California Ocean Fishing

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ocean Fishing the beautiful Southern California coast. Here I've compiled all sorts of great information for the new or experienced fisherman about where, when and how to fish the many different Southern California saltwater fish. Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Jeff Spira

Southern California Ocean Fisherman Jeff Spira

I've been fishing here in Southern California since the late 1960s, including a stint as a commercial fisherman back in my college days. Ocean fishing is one of the things I'm passionate about. To me there are few better ways to spend a warm sunny day here in Southern California. One of the things I've always loved is experimenting with different spots, baits, techniques, and just about anything else I could experiment with. This has taught me that there are no right or wrong ways to fish, and more than one way can work. Fish are funny critters. Some days, they're finiky and some days they'll snap at almost anything. It's your job as a fisherman to figure out what works the day you're fishing, not what worked yesterday or tomorrow. I've tried to cram this web site with everything I've learned over the years and hope you find this information useful. You may recognize this spot I'm fishing in this picture as the Pallisades on the back side of Catalina.

Southern California Ocean Fishing Hot Spots Picture

Southern California Ocean Fishing Hot Spots

I've compiled all of the great spots to fish in Southern California and presented them here, complete with maps and GPS Coordinates. You won't find this information anywhere else, and especially not for FREE!.

Kelp bed hot spots
Flats hot spots
Pier and Surf hot spots
Wrecks and artificial reef hot spots
Tuna and offshore hot spots

Southern California Ocean Fish Species Picture

Southern California Ocean Fish Species

I've identified the main Southern California species and broken down exactly how, where and when to find them, how to catch them using various techniques, how to prepare them, and the best ways to eat them. It's a wealth of information you've probably never seen.

All about Albacore
All about Barracuda
All about Calico Bass
All about Halibut
All about Sand Bass
All about Yellowtail

Southern California Ocean Fishing Free Video and E-Books Picture

Free Downloadable Ocean Fishing Videos and E-books

I've put together some fishing related videos and e-books that are completely free to view or to download if you wish.

Free downloadable videos and e-books

Southern California Ocean Fishing Extras Picture

Southern California Ocean Fishing Extras

Here's some good extra information you'll find useful. I've described the different types of fishing trips the main sportfishing landings offer and given you a list of the landings with their contact information and web sites. I've also compiled some useful Southern California ocean fishing links, I'm sure you'll find useful.

Fishing trips, boats and landings
Hot links to more fishing information
How-To Fishing Article Directory


Fishing boat plans

Ever think about building a boat?

It's easier than you probably imagine. You could be out fishing in your home crafted boat yet this summer. Stop by my other web site for lots of information and to download free study plans for many different boats you can build. There's also free e-books, videos, and photo essays of boat construction.

Spira International Boat Plans Web Site

Fishing and Navigation Books by Jeff Spira

Wrecks and Reefs Book

Wrecks and Reefs

Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs of Southern Califormia for Fisherman and Divers

The most complete listing of wrecks and reefs of Southern California complete with GPS coordinates!

Wrecks and Reefs Book

Saltwater Angler's Guide to Southern California

Over 400 pages crammed with information, maps and everything you'd ever want to know about fishing the Southern California Ocean

Wrecks and Reefs Book

Seamanship and Navigation

A simplified approach - companion book to the class taught by Jeff of the same name.

Wrecks and Reefs Book

Celestial Navigation

A simplified approach - companion book to the class taught by Jeff of the same name.

Just click on the book or title to be taken to the Spira International Web site for more information or to order